Piano Tuner in Coventry and Edinburgh

Piano Tuner in Coventry and Edinburgh

Ben, Piano Tuner in Coventry, Underneath a piano in a church in Havana Photo by Laara Matsen

Underneath a piano in a church in Havana
Photo by Laara Matsen

Ben was trained by the world-renowned Franz Mohr in the prestigious New York Steinway Concert Basement and has over 35 years experience. He was New York University’s chief piano technician. After working all over the world, Ben is the most experienced piano tuner in Coventry (if not the oldest).

Fee: £75 for Upright or Grand.

Ben travels throughout Coventry and the surrounding areas.  He tunes in Edinburgh for a week every month.  No extra charge for raising pitch up to 1/2-tone when your piano has been neglected for years.  However, raising pitch from over 1/2-tone can require an optional second tuning immediately.  Big pitch raises should always be followed up in weeks with another tuning to solidify things. 

Additional work, such as hammer shaping and regulating – which add value to a piano, or repairs taking 1/2-hour or more, are pro-rated at £50 per hour.  Hard times: if you prefer not to pay for tuning or repairs up front you can go on the tune-now-pay-later scheme, making interest-free payments over a year or two.  All I ask is that you do the math.

Barter or Service Exchange considered in lieu of payment.  Starving students etc. can have £20 off.

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