Bechstein Rides Again

October 10th, 2013 Penicuik Edinburgh

action pretty perfect perfect case perfect ivories

The upright at 101 years old (Bechstein Model 10 upright #104090 (1912) is perfect – perfect ivories, beautiful cabinet, excellent original strings and action.

In August it came right up to modern pitch from A=433 (approx. quarter tone flat) in spite of loose pins making it very difficult to tune: not enough resistance at the pin.

But Frank is a handy fellow and in the next days he lay the piano down and dripped the secret goo (watery superglue) onto the pin plank.  It didn’t work at first.  When I returned for the fine tuning the pins were still loose.  So you might think it was a wasted hour or two on the bus from Morningside, but there’s a nice Italian cafe next to the Penicuik Tesco which made the journey worthwhile.  Little Italy.

problem pinsFrank tried again, still no success but this is a perfect piano and I wanted to save it from having to be restrung.  So I tapped all 235 pins in a smidgen and THAT, along with the superglue trick, worked finally.  Bechstein Rides Again.      -blt

One thought on “Bechstein Rides Again

  1. David Boyce

    They are nice pianos, those Model 10 Bechsteins. There are pics of the pinblocks of two Model 10s, both from 1911, on my “No WD40 Please” page. The other one, which didn’t get the WD40 “treatment” from the Phantom WD40 Sprayer of Olde Glasgowe Towne, is great, the pins not loose at all, and at A440.

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